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Jellyfish Aquarium

After years of toying with the idea I’ve finally decided to set up a jellyfish aquarium. I’ve done a ton of research over the years about jellyfish and they’re surprisingly easy to keep as long as you have the proper setup for them. Follow along as I get everything set up and get the jellyfish in!

Beginner Reef Care Guide.

Just a basic reef care guide for those getting their first start with reefing.

Scape changes

Hi made some changes to the rock work well adding really, wanted to get some opinions on it and also if I should chisel it a bit ?
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fluval evo 13.5 build

This is my nano tank! I started it around Christmas.
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First Reef - 75g Build

Hey all! I decided to document my build of my first reef for two reasons: for feedback from you all and because I don’t know anyone IRL who is in the hobby and would care 😂 (other than my wife who is nice enough to pretend to match my excitement). I started freshwater planted a long time ago and am very excited to give this a while after months of research. My 55gal top brace broke which was the impetus for all of this. Months ago I set out to make a stand for a future tank. Unfortunately I didn’t know for sure I’d be doing saltwater and when I designed the plans I made a stand not very conducive to a sump, but I’ve figured out how to make it work (in theory). ...
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125 gallon build

So I will be starting my 125 build! My wife and I purchased this used off of marketplace. Unfortunately our tank got a small chip in the corner at some point. So we will be getting a new tank in the next week or 2. It has everything we need except lights. ...
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IM 25 Lagoon

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DIY reef equipment with Leonidas2

Here I’ll be posting some DIY projects for those who are on a budget and can’t afford fancy reefing equipment or simply enjoy the aspect of making their own and seeing the impact it has on their system.

55 gallon to 125 rebuild and upgrade.

Day 1 of the 55 setup to day 1 of the 125. A long and fruitful journey. I’ll follow up with the diy overflow, sump, and filtration system I made for both tanks.

800 Gallon Build thread I'm always doing something, right now I'm working on a hood and wire management for the fish room, as well as the three frag rack shelves....
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125 gallon reef tank build

My wife and I are starting our reef build and bought some used stuff to get us going. This is where we are today
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