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Chaos Arena

Mix of 3 WC3 maps: Enfos, BossBattle, Gladiators Primary inspiration is from Enfos, where there are 2 arenas, 1 for each team. Each team is surviving against separate hordes of enemies. Teams are competing but not directly in combat with each other, however they can cast spells to harass the opposite arena. Enfos had no bosses, this will have large bosses every few minutes which are difficult and require teamwork, but will give rewards. Enfos had pre-defined heroes, this will instead have advanced hero customization, similar to WC3_Gladiators. ...

Hungry Games

Genre: Battle Royal Based off Eternal Return on Steam (not "Black Survival") Large map which shrinks over time. Players start at level 1 & slowly find gear & kill creeps to level up. Upgrade stations to convert to higher-tier units. Occasional hazards (godzilla / etc) which force players into combat. Random bonus airdrops that players rush to pickup. Last player standing wins. Does this sound interesting?...

Cloak 'n Dagger

Like "Prop Hunt" on Steam, but modified to match Stormgate/RTS theme. Each rounds you switch between being the wolf or the sheep. Very doodad-heavy terrain to create tons of hiding spots. Sheep has abilities like "morph" to camouflage as a variety of doodads Wolf has abilities like "blood hunt" which pings the general map region of a hidden sheep...