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Community questions


How to make a password protected door

--You will first need an installed pine door, a gold key blank with lock and a diamond (links below)--

IMPORTANT: Passwords expire after 60 days. Each time someone opens the door, they reset that timer. If doors are not opened for 60 days, they will lose their password, and you will need the key to open them again. You will not get the diamond back.

To install the lock:
- Make sure the door is closed and then use the lock and key set on the doo...

I'm a content creator, how do I share my 2HOL content here?

The number one place for sharing your Twitch streams, YouTube videos and other similar content is the #community-content channel. In order to keep things tidy, this channel is restricted to those with the 'Well Experienced' role for playing 50 or more hours in the game. It can be claimed by typing -exp into #bots-and-offtopic.
Check out #How do I see how many hours I've played? if you want to check your hours played.

If you're a streamer who wants to let us know yo...

How do I make a suggestion?

To make a suggestion in #suggestion-submission you will first need to claim the 'Well Experienced' role for playing 50 or more hours in the game. To claim the role, head over to #bots-and-offtopic and type -exp. You can begin joining in with #suggestion-discussion with the -ncl role when you've played 10 more more hours.

Typing in our suggestions channels isn't restricted to ruin people's fun or saying people won't have good ideas t...


Just a place to add questions if we think of them or see them come up and don’t have time to do the answer. Can delete this one late.

- How to set a password on a door.

Why can't I post images/videos/links?

To do this, you will need to claim the 'Not Completely Lost role' for playing 10 or more hours in the game. This also includes posting anything in the #game-photos channel.

To claim the role, head over to #bots-and-offtopic and type -ncl

If you want to know how many hours you've played, check out this answer #How do I see how many hours I've played?

How do I see how many hours I've played?

Go to the #bots-and-offtopic channel and type -info @ and your name
(it will start to auto-fill as soon as you type the @ symbol. start typing your name to find yourself in the list)
The Dictator bot will send you a private message with your time played.

How do I get my spawn/town into Town Planner?

Getting Town Planner
Go to #information. Scroll down to other clients and Town Planner will be found at the same link as Hetuw.

How to get your town into Town Planner
- Go to your main 2HOL folder and open the Settings folder.
- You need to create a new file here called “outputMapOn”. The easiest way to do this is to just duplicate any of the other .ini files in this folder and then rename the copy.
*Tip: Your computer may be hiding the .ini...