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Squad depth

Does anyone know how to increase squad depth in both club and international team, as the world cup mode allows you to choose over 30 players and when you have an international team in career mode its limited to 23.


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How do i change LiveEditor settings?

can someone tell me how to reset all my live editor settings? i changed the "open/close liveeditor" to a faulty button by accident...
Delete config.json from C:\FIFA 23 Live Editor

Manager Job Offer

When Creating a job offer in Cheat Table and then accept it in the game, it takes few days until I receive the email to accept the offer. Is there a way to immediately receive that email or a way to change club without wasting those days?...


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Can it launch minimized?

Is it possible to make the live editor launch minimized when launching FIFA 23 instead of minimizing it every time by pressing F9?

Can't find Fifa23.exe error message

how do I over come that I recently changed the fifa download file to my other drive. is that a possible problem?

can i make my self manager of a club?

is there any way to make my self the manager of a club? i just got fired even though ive got the unsackable thing on and wanting to rejoin as im like 6 seasons into my save

New transfers made in Live Editor won't save when exit and opened the game.

Hello folks! I'm making a lot of transfer changes in Live Editor because there we can put loanee and sort of made squads up to date season 23/24. However, recently i made some tranfers and when i opened the live editor again they just don't save anymore! Is there a limit of data to put in the squad files ?

Unsackable doesnt work

My unsackable mode doesnt work, i keep getting fired in my manager career mode , any help?

Help bug

I installed Fifa 23 and been playing fifa womans cup all good, but when it pass 1 hour more or less or i restart the game i need to install the patch every time i play?? sorry my english


why is this
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problem with LE

When I open the Fifa with the Live Editor its shows me the loading screen and after this its kicking me from the app without a massage

loan bug

my game crash when i terminate loan using LE (latest) in my manager career mode.. need help to fix this. thanks

Miniface LE error

Hello, I have a problem with the LE, I accidentally put a miniface on a player and I want to remove it, and when I select the player I get an error with the video card and drivers, I tried going back to the previous version and I still have the same mistake

DirectX functiion Dxgi_error_invalid_call

when i open the game after 5 seconds i get this error. I already disabled loading images in live editor settings. Any other fixes for this error message? GPU: GTX 1080 with latest drivers...

crash when going to live editor

i imported a custom miniface and now when I go to the player tab to change it again it gives me this error and the game crashes.
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Manager Personality ID

Is there a list somewhere with specifically the different manager personality ids I could find? I want to make my saves more realistic.
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Hey, is there a way I can revert an injury a player has gotten in career mode?