SuperSocket utf-8 encode problems [Answered]

Hey guys it's me again

I have a superSocket server, and I send message to the server using this :

        internal void Send(string str)
            // [APP NAME] id > message 
            var buffter = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("a super ç message\r\n");
            var temp = SocketClient.Send(buffter);

as you can see there is a "Encoding.UTF8".
So now if I check what have been received by the server :

"a super ?? message"

So the "ç" become a "??".
I don't know how to fix that knowing that I can do nothing between the time I send the message and the time my server receive it.

One thing I thing really important : on the "appServer" variable (the variable that fire the event to receive messages) there is a parameter .TextEncoding, but I have no idea how to use it because he is read only and have a lot of sub parameter
I've never used SuperSocket, but googling "SuperSocket Encoding" gives this page: . Have you set the textEncoding setting documented there?
I did set a config file with "textEncoding="UTF-8" but nothing change, maybe I'm doing it wrong
nvm I maked it work!
Here's how I did :

appServer = new AppServer();

                var m_Config = new ServerConfig
                    Port = 30776,
                    Ip = "Any",
                    MaxConnectionNumber = 99999,
                    Mode = SocketMode.Tcp,
                    Name = "zonedetecServer",
                    TextEncoding = "UTF-8"

                //Setup the appServer
                if (!appServer.Setup(m_Config))//Setup with listening port
                    Console.WriteLine("Failed to setup!");
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