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Fifa 23 Auto uses 'fake EAAC'

Downloaded Fifa editor earlier today, however went to launch it, got the messege about a potential ban, so I exited out before it go further cause every now and then I dip into the mental illness of FUT... Anyway, went to launch the game normally just now and it auto seems to run the 'fake' EAAC, anyway to undo this? Cheers
Fucked around a found out. To fix this, in the install directory of the game there will be a 'EAAntiCheat.GameServiceLauncher.exe' WITHOUT a logo, along side a 'EAAntiCheat.GameServiceLauncher.exe.backup'. Deleting the first one and getting rid of the '.backup' restores the original, and it should then appear with the EA icon.

Hopefully someonce can reference this if they end up with the same issue.