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A Female player on a Male team can delete a goal's crowd reaction

To recreate this bug, all I had to do is turn one (With one single teammate is enough) teammate from male to female. This is unlikely to happen, but I had to be the one trying that of course.
The thing is that once you get into a match, the moment that you make a goal, all the crowd will suddenly go silent instead of happily cheering or just shouting. The goal can be of any type, and the scorer could be anyone; either male or female.
Once you remove the female from the team, the goal's reaction goes back to normal, and yes, it's enough to change the female with a male substitute character. In all my attempts to see the root of this problem, all I could think is that it has to do with gender of the player. Once the "female" goes back to male everything comes back to normal too.
BY THE WAY: This is new, and didn't used to happen. I had a mixed gender team (The base team was male) and whenever I scored a goal the crowd's reaction was the normal expected one. I'd say since the last update, this bug started to appear, and it's still there whether you use the FIFA Editor Tool or not.
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