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Delay IsLoading....

i'm trying to delay a loading spinner from appearing if the api takes less than 200ms to get the data. I've tried a number of implementations and failed, can anyone help?

  const { isLoading, isError, data } = trpc.ticketDomain.getByTicketId.useQuery(
      ticketId: selectedTicket!.id,

  if (isLoading) {
    // details section should not render if isloading has been true for 200ms or                 less and if 'data' is not available

    // load data as soon as its available and render the details section

    // if fetching takes longer than 200ms, show loading spinner
    return (

        <LoadingSpinner />;
UUUnknown User11/24/2022
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Thank you for getting back to me with these solutions. I'm ganna read over them and implement. πŸ™πŸΎ
You’re still gonna have issues with it flashing a spinner
not sure if you want to artificially show the spinner for x time if it resolves immediately after 200ms

I use promise.race for these