calling api endpoints from within a trpc api endpoint?

Hey all.

I have a series of api endpoints which may have to be reused across other api endpoints. I was wondering if this is possible?

  getAccessToken: protectedProcedure.query(async ({ ctx }) => {
    if (!ctx.session? return null;
    const data = await prisma?.account.findFirst({
      where: {
    return data?.access_token;
  checkGuildAccess: protectedProcedure
    .input(z.object({ guildId: z.string() }))
    .query(async (ctx) => {
      const accessToken = trpc.auth.getAccessToken.useQuery();
      if (!accessToken) return null;
      return accessToken;

As you can see, my checkGuildAccess needs access to the users access token. So I call the getAccessToken endpoint from within the checkGuildAccess endpoint. Is this valid? I am getting an error.
❌ tRPC failed on auth.checkGuildAccess: TRPCError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'useContext')
UUUnknown User11/30/2022
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