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Live Editor v23.1.1.3 problem

when I start Fifa 23 with newest LE it opens fifa and i cant connect to EA servers even if im online,it just start to connect to EA servers but nothing happends,after I cancel connecting it opens Fifa main menu without LE appearing,i tried increasing my MS delay in LE but nothing helps.i tried to use a bit older version of LE as well but still nothing..Can someone help me pls?
It's not possible to connect to EA servers with Live Editor. It was always like that.
yea,but i cant use LE even if im online..what should i do?
redownload live editor and if still won't work then send log files
ive done that already ill send log files soon
here u go,my logs btw Aranaktu i found solution for some reason,only v23.1.1.0 works for me...i dont know why can u find out what was problem?
Problem is the Title Update 4 that changed how the game needs to start with the Live Editor. The only possible fix may be editing the delay. Otherwise, you need to stick to old version of the launcher (but you still should be able to use latest dll).
ummm i tried to change delay already,i tried with 3000,6000,10000,500 but nothing helps

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