Configure nixpacks.toml per service

Is it possible to have multiple nixpacks.toml file on repo and config which each service should use?

I'm currently having 3 services on every project:
* web server
* background worker
* cron scheduler

If I could choose different builds for each I could have slightly different builds. (like not compiling assets)
project id: 2bda3e88-4f1a-4742-80c7-24f5e032f52c
ADA Dumb12/12/2022
ADA Dumb12/12/2022
I’m assuming you’re using a monorepo, how is it structured?
ADA Dumb12/12/2022
if you set a separate root directory for each service, each root directory can have a nixpacks.toml
It's a RubyOnRails app. Monorepo, yes. but only one root directory.
On other platforms I'd have different processes configured on Procfile.
The 3 services I'm running are actually the exact same app. Only difference is the process that runs.
* web server -> puma web server
* background worker -> delayed_job worker
* cron scheduler -> clockwork
Currently it works fine configuring the start command through UI
but i could optimize deploys by setting nixpacks file per service.
UUUnknown User12/12/2022
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