Deploying using jOOQ, Testcontainers and Flyway (Kotlin & Java)

Hello! I'm trying to get my Kotlin/Java project up and running but having some issues while deploying.
I use jOOQ to generate classes to access the database, and since these are needed at compile time I generate these in the build with gradle generateJooq build, however jOOQ needs a database so I set it up temporarily in the build using Testcontainers and Flyway, and this fails when building for deployment since Testcontainers need a docker environment. I'm wondering if someone else has a similar setup that they have got to work on Railway and can help me out, or if I should take the easy way out and just commit my generated classes to the repo.

project id: 0ede0d08-cdab-42e0-adf2-5cde3593965b
UUUnknown User2/8/2023
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@devlest Paused development for a few months, but never got this to work