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Miniface no Live editor

No Vídeo do ZeroXfifa ele mostra como botar a miniface no jogador, mas ele diz que só fica a miniface com quando o app Live Editor está aberto, SOBRE ISSO TENHO 2 DÚVIDAS
1) tem uma forma de botar a miniface no jogador e ficar permanentemente mesmo com o live editor desligado ?
2) se eu tiver colocado uma miniface e desligar o pc, quando ligar denovo a miniface vai estar lá? Mesmo que eu tenha desligado o pc com o live editor aberto ?
AOAnswer Overflow1/3/2023
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In the ZeroXfifa Video it shows how to put the miniface on the player, but it says that the miniface is only on when the Live Editor app is open, ABOUT THIS I HAVE 2 QUESTIONS
1) is there a way to put the miniface on the player and stay permanently even with the live editor turned off?
2) if I have placed a miniface and turn off the pc, when I turn it on again will the miniface be there? Even if I turned off the pc with the live editor open?
You need the live editor to generate or import the minifaces. Without the live editor this won't happen so if you play FIFA without the live editor, anything made by live editor won't be loaded.
So if you play with it open, everything saved will be there, right?
Unless you did something wrong, yes
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AOAnswer Overflow1/11/2023