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fifa 23 not launching

I open live editor and run the game but if refuses
[+] Fake EA Anticheat Launcher
[+] Bypassing the Anticheat
This pops up and origin pops up but the game doesn’t open
send log files
Sorry what do you mean by log files?
In the directory where you have extract live editor you have "Logs" folder and there should be log files
That's the only file you got?
Here is the other one
I don't know solution for your issue.
Got the same issue. Game opens for like 5 seconds, then crashes.
Second log file
Downloaded - working now. Apologies.
Check dm
download live editor again
it works
Are you sure? I tried this during the weekend and it didn’t work
idk it always works for me
you download 1.16 right?
I downloaded and it’s still not working
By any chance does it matter if fifa 23 is in an ssd instead of the local drive?

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