Distribute typesafe tRPC Client in an NPM library

Hi ! super fan of trpc over here.

We are building a javascript sdk for our API that is essentially a pacakged version of the trpc client.

However when compiling the code, the "materialized" type is a generic client/router and not the inferred typesafe version.


opts: _trpc_react.CreateTRPCClientOptions<_trpc_server_dist_declarations_src_router.Router<AppContextCore, unknown, any, any, any, any, _trpc_server.DefaultErrorShape>>) => _trpc_react.TRPCClient<_trpc_server_dist_declarations_src_router.Router<AppContextCore, unknown, any, any, any, any, _trpc_server.DefaultErrorShape>>;

Any thoughts ? tRPC seems like a perfect fit for this use case.