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DirectX Error on CT

I can edit some players like Neymar Jr and Richarlison without any issue, but when I try to edit other players created on the patch I had bought it crashes with this msg.. How can I solve it?

Saw Aranaktu answer in some forum :"Added (Transfers) to live editor in v23.1.0.7. Won't be ever added to the cheat table.". Why is that?
My live editor don't workd properly with my mod. Would be good have how to transfer players on cheat table
Yeah i came here for the same issue
Directx Error can be caused by any texture. I don't know what you have modified, if it's player head model, miniface, his shoe, ball... can be anything. The solution is simple. Fix your textures.

Transfer player feature won't be added to the cheat table as it was causing too many issues.