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fifa not launching

whenever I try to run the game with live editor it shows me this and doesn't do anything afterwards.. the ea app pops up right after but still nothing happening.
Potential solutions: - Change injection delay - Run game without mods and without advanced launch options (like -dataPath FIFAModData) - https://windowsreport.com/createprocess-failed-code-740/ (+ what you can find in google when you search for CreateProcess error 740) - Move the live editor to the folder with the game - Change game installation directory to somewhere that doesn't require admin rights - Go to your game installation dir -> FIFA23.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility and uncheck "Run as Administrator" - Make sure your antivirus isn't a problem
tried pretty much everything, still nothing
I don't have any other suggestions
Did anyone get a solution on this?
Only solutions you will get are listed above
Yeah none of them seem to work for me. Can't even get vanilla fifa to run with live editor The game pops up and then closes down before reverting to the EA App screen. Very strange. Update: Deleted and re-downloaed LE. Installed it on the same drive as Fifa and it now works.

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