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pls help

ea app don't let me launch LE. i turned ea app to offline mode and launch LE with 3000 ms but they show me error does anyone know how to fix that.
all of that because of switching from origin to ea app and i have the last version
Potential solutions:
- Change injection delay
- Run game without mods and without advanced launch options (like -dataPath FIFAModData)
- https://windowsreport.com/createprocess-failed-code-740/ (+ what you can find in google when you search for CreateProcess error 740)
- Move the live editor to the folder with the game
- Change game installation directory to somewhere that doesn't require admin rights
- Go to your game installation dir -> FIFA23.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility and uncheck "Run as Administrator"
- Make sure your antivirus isn't a problem
i'm not using any mod of mod manager and what do you mean by create process error 740 and installation directory ?
It's list of solution for common errors. Skip these that doesn't apply to your issue.
i moved the LE file to fifa 23 file and turn ea app to offline mode and change the delay a lot of times but still the same problem
guys ?
If you tried all fixes from the list and nothing worked then I don't know the solution.