Card issue when trying to pay

Hi, I am trying to activate the developer plan by buying some credits using my MasterCard.

When I enter my card info, the card information input asks for a ZIP code - of 5 digits. But where I am from we have only 4 digit ZIP codes. The submit button doesn’t become active when I use a 4 digit code. Please resolve this issue.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think this is because Stripe only supports 5-digit zip codes.
So it's not possible to buy credits?
In Europe*
UUUnknown User3/10/2023
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In Belgium we only have 4
Is there really no way then?
ping: @Angelo
I’m waiting to buy credits until I have an answer here
Just got a tip: add a 0 at the end
Is this okay, does this work?
UUUnknown User3/13/2023
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