Vitest error test

How can I test for specific TRPCError code with vitest? I managed to get the message but can't figure out how to get the code.

  it('should throw if user roles are missing', async ({ trpcContextMock }) => {
    const ctx = await createInnerTRPCContext(
      trpcContextMock({ authorisation: { userSecurityGroups: [] } }),
    const caller = appRouter.createCaller(ctx)

    await expect(caller.locations.searchLocations({})).rejects.toThrowError(
      'User roles are missing',
tRPC actually uses vitest in its own codebase, you could probably find a lot of helpful boilerplate in there 🙂
Ahh well. Silly me I didn't check this earlier. Thanks for suggestion ! I found solution in a second ❤️