Help to deploy my TRPC proj from a monorepo (turborepo) at Vercel

I'm trying to learn monorepo with TRPC, both are new for me and Im kind struggling to deploy it because Im super newbie in deployments.

I have a turborepo with two apps, one is my react app and other one is my node server in express with TRPC.

I dont know if I did correctly but I went to vercel and Ive choose the FE project. for the build options I left what had there already, seems Vercel knows what to do when its turbo repo and it went all good!!

In my head I had to make a separate new deploy from the same repo but choose the server (express + trpc), and then with my new service up and running set the env variable with the server url on the FE proj and all done.

the thing is, I didnt found the node/express option on Vercel, and somehow I think I shouldnt deploy them separately.

I dont know well how turborepo works and it sounds a bad place to ask help but thats what I got.

Thanks all!
up ;-;