Django Wagtail media uploads are returning 500 status.

I've installed a Django Wagtail app with postgres service. Everything works fine except for the media uploads are returning 500 server error.
These are the screenshots & browser error -
favicon.max-165x165.png:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ().

project id - 848ab9a7-220a-43b1-a321-65a4c25db656

service id - 4e4e34b3-0918-4f3e-b792-31d1b488a90f

What could go wrong? Please help. Thanks is advance.
Is there any permission issue on the media folder?
Uploading on development mode works fine though. Problem occurs only when switch to production mode.
Hello, anybody here?
this is community support, if no one has replied with an answer it is likely because no one has an answer, or your question is too vague, or both. there are lots of other places on the internet to ask questions, for example you might have better luck asking in a django discord server