How to pass context to vanilla client?


I have a next app where I use trpc. Now I need to call some trpc functions from outside of any components. My first solution was to just call the endpoint with axios.

const { data: attribute } = await axios({ method: "GET", url: getApiServerUrl() + "/trpc/db.getAttribute", params: { input: JSON.stringify(trpcInput) }, headers: { 'Cookie': cookie } });

This is working fine, but I lose typing support.

My new solution is to use the vanilla client. But using the vanilla client I can't find a way to pass context to the request, for example to pass a cookie. Now my walkaround is creating a getter function that each time creates a new trpc client with the context needed.

export const getClientWithCookie = ({cookie}: {cookie: string}) => createTRPCProxyClient<AppRouter>({ links: [ httpBatchLink({ url: getApiServerUrl() +/trpc, headers() { return { cookie: cookie, }; }, }), ], }); const attribute = await getClientWithCookie({cookie: cookie}).db.getAttribute.query(trpcInput);

This is also working fine, but feels a bit hacky to me, because each time it creates a new client.

How would be the proper solution to call a trpc function with context like a cookie using the vanilla client? (I can't use hooks here)