After expiration of credit subscription, all tables were deleted and didn't come back even after pay

We have a credit based subscription, the credits expired and we pay today. But all the tables in our databases were deleted, I would like them to come back. It shouldn't delete everything!
??? pls
Hey @ǃAugusto - I am going to loop into this
Ok Please, I cannot lose the tables I already had, they are important projects for me
going forward it would be beneficial for you to make daily database backups here is a guide from railway https://blog.railway.app/p/automated-postgresql-backups
thanks!! I will consider it. however, I would like to be able to recover what was lost, I did not expect this loss, so I did not think of a backup hey angelo pls
generally railway doesn't restore data that was lost due to user error, so please just wait to hear back from him
ok @Angelo if you can try to do something for me... anyone who helps me I appreciate it immensely... I didn't really understand why all the tables disappeared after my subscription for credit ended... I renewed it and it still didn't come back anyone?

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