railway connect Postgres prompting for password

TNTrevor N5/25/2023
I love being able to use railway run to automatically populate the DATABASE_URL in my development and I was expecting railway connect Postgres to function similarly by setting PGPASSWORD so I wouldn't need to pull down the password and could get to psql quickly, however, it is prompting me for my password. Is this expected? Is there another workflow I can use other than loading in PGPASSWORD manually?
TNTrevor N5/25/2023
just had a look at the cli code for connect, and it indeed does not set the password when connecting to postgre, but it does for the other database types. I will see what can be done about this, great catch!!
TNTrevor N5/25/2023
Ah great thank you for checking!
i have submitted a pr to fix this issue
TNTrevor N5/26/2023
Thank you @Brody !
no problem, im not sure when it will be released though so keep an eye out for that