Issues with Postgres DB

I don't really understand why I am not seeing any tables in my DB.
Seeding works, but the database stays empty. Any idea what could fix this?
you are probably still just seeding your sqlite database
how would i know which db i am seeding
check your local sqlite database
that looks the same
delete it, then run the commands again, if it comes back, you are seeding your sqlite database
also, i know the cli tells you to do railway up but dont
I deleted the migrations folder and the db instance folder.
Deleted all pycache files from backend

railway run flask db init
  Creating directory /Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-manager/backend/migrations ...  done
  Creating directory /Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-manager/backend/migrations/versions ...  done
  Generating /Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-manager/backend/migrations/script.py.mako ...  done
  Generating /Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-manager/backend/migrations/env.py ...  done
  Generating /Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-manager/backend/migrations/README ...  done
  Generating /Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-manager/backend/migrations/alembic.ini ...  done
  Please edit configuration/connection/logging settings in '/Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-
  manager/backend/migrations/alembic.ini' before proceeding.
Looking good? Run `railway up` to deploy your changes!

-- migrations folder is being created, but not database instance
railway run flask db migrate
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] select pg_catalog.version()
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] [raw sql] {}
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] select current_schema()
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] [raw sql] {}
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] show standard_conforming_strings
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] [raw sql] {}
INFO  [alembic.runtime.migration] Context impl PostgresqlImpl.
INFO  [alembic.runtime.migration] Will assume transactional DDL.
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] BEGIN (implicit)
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] select relname from pg_class c join pg_namespace n on n.oid=c.relnamespace where pg_catalog.pg_table_is_visible(c.oid) and relname=%(name)s
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] [generated in 0.00032s] {'name': 'alembic_version'}
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] SELECT alembic_version.version_num
FROM alembic_version
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] [generated in 0.00033s] {}
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] select relname from pg_class c join pg_namespace n on n.oid=c.relnamespace where pg_catalog.pg_table_is_visible(c.oid) and relname=%(name)s
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] [cached since 0.3868s ago] {'name': 'alembic_version'}
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] SELECT c.relname FROM pg_class c JOIN pg_namespace n ON n.oid = c.relnamespace WHERE n.nspname = %(schema)s AND c.relkind in ('r', 'p')
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] [generated in 0.00055s] {'schema': 'public'}
INFO  [alembic.autogenerate.compare] Detected added table 'vault_manager.users'
INFO  [sqlalchemy.engine.Engine] COMMIT
  Generating /Users/hannarosenfeld/Desktop/Code/vault-
  manager/backend/migrations/versions/e90d18d95171_.py ...  done
Looking good? Run `railway up` to deploy your changes!
railway run flask db upgrade gives an error:
Postgres DB looks like this now:
(psycopg2.errors.DuplicateTable) relation "users" already exists
please fix this error before proceeding
this is where i am stuck
this error is recurring
i'm gonna drop my schema and rerun all commands in hope that fixes it
i think you should fix the problem, then your error will go away, running the same commands all day long isnt going to get you very far
i guess i don't know how to tackle this
me neither

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