Hi, someone deploy reflex.dev in railway? do you have a guide?
sorry it took so long, have been busy and wanted to make sure the template was perfect! but here it is, at least
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looks cool, ill see what i can whip up later today
started a bit late, but i got it up and running https://reflex.up.railway.app/ just the default app
but its super late now, so ill write the readme and publish the template tomorrow afternoon
Thank you so much! please wait for that file. Thanks again.
tell me how you imagined a reflex to be deployed, would you prefer two services? one for the frontend and one for the backend, or a single service that encompasses both of them?
I understand more the philosophy of reflex as a single service that encompasses them all.
yes but reflex starts its frontend and backend on different ports, and you can only expose 1 port (443) per railway service
sorry it took so long, have been busy and wanted to make sure the template was perfect! but here it is, at least
and a little ping for visibility since its been so long @ale
Thank you for this! It's a great help.
let me know if you have any troubles with it

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