2 days in a row 7am server stops responding

I have a weird issue with my deployment. Nothing like that happened before. For the last 2 days around 7am ET my server would stop responding and client side requests would return CORS error. Deployment logs would not show any errors.

here is the link to second broken deployment https://railway.app/project/5bcbe412-75a3-4e83-bd3b-e05ad2c5db06/service/76e50908-ae5c-4c8b-bb8d-a8f6a0d86498?id=bcf5fe58-4bbf-49b9-bb8a-1d4b42d73d1a
would you happen to know the status code of the failed requests?
It would respond with CORS error like that
yes, but what was the status code of that request
I can't find status codes, but i believe it was 403
the status code is in the network requests tab, a 403/500/etc will nearly always come with a cors error so the cors error alone doesn't really tell us much

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