Ephemeral storage concern

Hi I want to do programmatic NPM publishes using a Railway service I will need to basically use shell commands to write files to disk, possibly pack them, and then programmatically publish using child processes I guess

My question is in the context of a Railway service, during the lifecycle of the service, can I rely on writing to disk? I understand storage is generally ephemeral so it's all scoped to the deploy of a service, so my question specifically is -- during the lifecycle of a deploy can I rely on writing and reading from disk just like a VM? Any caveats or concerns or specific blog posts I should read?

Thank you
the files will persist for the lifespan of the deployment that created them
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the files will persist for the lifespan of the deployment that created them
Thanks! I figured as much but wnated to ask before I messed around and found out
haha no problem
and thers always storage volumes if you need your files to persist across deployments
I did see that! Definitely makes me feel like it's not really a big deal if I needed something more

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