Does anyone know how to enable mongoDB drivers in a php/laravel project?

Y tried to added with this command in the env tab
But it still not working...
Project ID: 4750e14a-f0df-4508-aa7c-2f54848edb7f
@interstellartaco another thing for you
cant you install the driver by putting it in the compose file?
I'm not really sure now, yesterday I was trying by all the ways.
I'm doing the next steps:
1: required by composer
2: download it with the NIXPACKS_PKGS
3: run composer install && composer update in the building part

But here is where it fails, it says mongodb driver isn't loaded in the OS
use a nixpacks.toml file instead of the variable
Add "ext-mongodb": "*" to your composer.json's requires.

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