Inspecting built Docker Image locally

Hello I have an issue in my application when running in Railway. I would like to download the image that was built when the application was deployed. In the build logs I see the path in the docker run command

docker run -it us-west1-docker.pkg.dev/railway-infra/railway-docker-users/project/b6056926-b884-4547-a7dd-8e7132b7e18f/service/c3f067df-2981-4447-9104-bcfbf1a55357:4eaa87c4-ed40-40ec-9b66-1bbfe6f60268

Is there a way for me to auth with the registry to be able to download the built image so i can look at it on my machine? Thanks!
Unfortunately no, downloading the image is not an option. However, you can use Nixpacks to build an image locally using the same options which should produce a similar result

@inspector_t ^
Ah yes my local nixpack build has issues so wanted to debug directly

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