Warning: the environment variable LANG is not set

SSSiraj Samsudeen9/6/2023
I see this error in my deploy log: I am using a Pipfile and hence i changed the railway.json to have this startCommand:

"deploy": {
    "startCommand": "pipenv run hypercorn main:app --bind \"[::]:$PORT\""

Warning: the environment variable LANG is not set!
We recommend setting this in ~/.profile (or equivalent) for proper expected behavior.
Creating a virtualenv for this project...
Pipfile: /app/Pipfile
Using /opt/venv/bin/python3 (3.11.1) to create virtualenv...

Project ID - 13371fe3-8105-4f73-8374-40dbc8f2cf03
does your project contain a pipfile.lock?
SSSiraj Samsudeen9/12/2023
yes Brody, it does have a pipfile.lock
okay but that's just a warning, what's not working?
SSSiraj Samsudeen9/12/2023
oh, in this case, i did not face any real issue - i have been reading up on nixpacks and trying to read the logs to increase my understanding of how the build and run process works. So, wanted to know where this LANG env variable is set and what is the benefit/downside if it is not set.
it just means you didnt set it, if you want to set it, look at this docs section
SSSiraj Samsudeen9/12/2023
Brody, i looked at the page and also did a quick search on the docs about setting the variable LANG - i can't find a reference - what do i get by setting this variable LANG? and why do i get a warning?
there would not be anything about LANG, you manually set that yourself, and if you want to know more about it read the docs for whatever is printing that warning
SSSiraj Samsudeen9/12/2023
again, that variable is not specific to railway, railway would not have docs for it
you are using pipenv, pipenv is what is likely printing that warning out, read through pipenvs docs
SSSiraj Samsudeen9/12/2023
oh, i see - let me check pipenv
i checked pipenv, but could not find. then chatgpt told me that this is expected by Railway itself (any cloud provider). as unix-systems will use the LANG
i just googled it myself, its something that pipenv looks for, you have not set it, so you see the warning

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