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Not sure why my post was deleted, but here it is again:


I've deployed Listmonk on Railway, and noticed that Listmonk instances deployed on docker are able to create static file directories by editing the docker-compose.yml and adding a --static-dir argument. The user then needs to place the static files right next to the docker-compose.yml file (see guide: https://yasoob.me/posts/setting-up-listmonk-opensource-newsletter-mailing/#custom-static-files and docs: https://listmonk.app/docs/templating/#system-templates).

My question is: how could this be done with Railway and the GitHub Dockerfile? Should the files be added to GitHub?

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i think the blog post you linked sums it up pretty nicely but ill try to simplify it further.

- copy the static directory into your own listmonk repo
- make the changes to the contents of that static directory as you see fit
- add a COPY static /listmonk/static line before the COPY config.sh ./config.sh line to your Dockerfile
- overwrite the default CMD command by appending CMD ["./listmonk", "--static-dir=/listmonk/static"] to your Dockerfile

keep in mind this is just how i am interpreting the instructions given by the blog, I may have gotten something wrong, but at minimum this should give you a good starting point.
as for the deleted post, i have no clue, sorry

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