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Dust3R Installation Error

I'm getting this error when I try to install Dust3R. As we can see above in the image, the click library was installed, but for some reason the script is not loading it. Any clues as to what I could do to resolve this? System Info: CPU: I7 11700K 3.6Ghz GPU? RTX3060 12GB OS Version: Windows 11 (23H2) RAM: 32GB
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cocktailpeanut45d ago
try deleting the bin folder under the pinokio home path and retry installing dustr from scratch
Morpheus45d ago
@Wesley Sales This is right after installation, right? I've seen something similar in Cascade. Just use the start button and start the app again. Is it still failing?
Wesley Sales45d ago
I deleted the bin folder, installed all the dependencies again and the same error continued. But I downloaded the model and tried to run it anyway as @Morpheus suggested AND IT WORKED! Thank you very much for the tip!
Morpheus44d ago
You're welcome. 🙂