stable diffusion forge

Having an issue with the preview image in gui not showing. I can see all the images when opening the image folder. Hasn’t worked since install. Any help would be much appreciated!
cocktailpeanut44d ago
see this github issue https://github.com/lllyasviel/stable-diffusion-webui-forge/issues/282#issuecomment-1964750085 Basically this is a known bug that was recently introduced in Automatic1111 dev branch, and since Forge pulls in code from Automatic1111 dev, it has the same bug. This has been fixed already on Automatic1111 dev branch, so all that needs to happen is for the maintainer to pull in the updates from Automatic1111, which should be soon. But until then you can make this work by following the instruction here https://discord.com/channels/1121039057993089076/1215285049889398794/1215285049889398794
[Bug]: Previews are not showing · Issue #282 · lllyasviel/stable-di...
Checklist The issue exists after disabling all extensions The issue exists on a clean installation of webui The issue is caused by an extension, but I believe it is caused by a bug in the webui The...
alanpartridg43d ago
Thanks for your help & the hard work you put into pinokio!