Fatal: Too many arguments

I am trying to install Lobe Chat, or FaceFusion and this error appears when I start the installation. ComfyUI and SDForge installed fine
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kohcepba16d ago
Morpheus16d ago
Lobe and Facefusion aren't listed in your logs. Only bria comfyui and Forge. Please try to install Lobe and Facefusion again. When it fails don't delete the Apps. Just try to start the apps. If they fail, stop the App again, hit the report bug button and send your logs again. Your Screenshot doens't make sense. The folder where FAcefusion should be cloned into is called facefusion, not face fusion. And the installation script didn't change. I don't know how you were able to get such an error. But I see what I find when I get the new logs. 🙂
kohcepba8d ago
I realized my mistake, when loading the script Pinokio asks for a name, I thought it was the name of the project, but it is the name of the folder where the neural network files will be located. So, if you rename the default from "sample.git" to something else, do NOT use a space.
Morpheus8d ago
Ah got it, thank you. 🙂