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Listen to slack events using windmill

damn apparently not possible for me to setup slack to add an auth header: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41492508/add-auth-headers-in-slacks-outgoing-webhooks How do people create flows that listen to things on slack, using windmill
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Add auth headers in Slack's outgoing webhooks?
I am using IBM's OpenWhisk service to stand up a micro-service with a REST endpoint. This expects Basic Auth in it's header when making a POST request to it. Is it possible to add some custom head...
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rubenf3mo ago
you could create a perpetual scripts that watch for stuff or have your own reverse proxy that inject the auth header at a private url you can also pass the token as a query arg ?token=foo
henri-c3mo ago
or a trigger script in a flow set on a schedule https://www.windmill.dev/docs/flows/flow_trigger
Trigger Scripts | Windmill
Trigger scripts are designed to pull data from an external source and return all of the new items since the last run, without resorting to external webhooks. A trigger script is intended to be used with schedules and states (rich objects in JSON, persistent from one run to another) in order to compare the execution to the previous one and proces...
wayne3mo ago
"""you can also pass the token as a query arg ?token=foo """ interesting, didn't know that was an option provided by windmill. windmill will look at this and use it for auth? oh you're saying I can have a proxy that listens to the token in the query params and passes it? Or is there really a native support for query params in windmill? I am gonna test quickly my bad: """ The bearer token must be passed as either an Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN> header, or as a token query parameter: https://<instance>/<route>?token=<TOKEN> """ thanks