[python] subdependencies breaking wmill module installation

Hello, everyone It seems I broke a bit the wmill's python env (per action) via installing some sub dependencies. I documented the issue here: https://github.com/windmill-labs/windmill/issues/3596 since I don't have enough Rust expertise to address it tho. I'm open to collaborate further if someone can help me to set up the repo locally (be & fe) so I can debug, run tests and fix this if possible 😬 but I don't promise it will be fast tho. Has anyone faced this before?
bug: [python] subdeps breaking wmill import · Issue #3596 · windmil...
Describe the bug Note: I raise this as an issue as I don't have enough Rust expertise to fix it and submit it Resources Pinning dependencies and Requirements Summary Yesterday we submitted a PR...
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