Problem using next+ssg

Im trying to use the @trpc/next SSG Helper and I get content on the page. Although I noticed that transition between pages are kind of slow, plus the site seems to load completely new (favicon turns to loader), which of course doesn't happen when using default next.
Is this meant to be?

I also strangely get an error that the query is missing its input. In the screenshot you can see my getStaticProps and the error. When debugging the getStaticProps, I noticed that this error comes before my access to the query at line 20.

My project is based on the recommended example app: "Next.js starter with Prisma, E2E testing, & ESLint".

Is the behaviour of the first question related to this error? Does someone have a clue?
I would be really thankful for your support. 🙏
are you using ssr: false in your config?
No, its set to ssr: true,
if you turn it to false does your problem get resolved?
oh yes, that seems to solve it! Thank you 😄