Putting Discord Questions Into Google

Using Discord for help channels is making the content of your community inaccessible. By indexing the help channels of your Discord server you can grow your server, cutdown on repeat questions, and allow users to find the content they need.

Two messages, one is highlighted in grey with marked as the root message. The other is marked in green and has the text solution message on it

Grow Your Community

Indexed questions appear in search engines such as Google. Along with this they show up in Answer Overflow search results. This allows people to naturally discover your community when looking at answers

A screenshot from Discord of a user running the /settings command. Their options are green buttons to enable indexing, enable auto thread, and enable mark solution

Setup In One Click

Enable indexing directly from Discord. All the commands at your finger tips with /settings

Page Views

19.87% (120) over the past 14 days

Server Joins

92.50% (111) over the past 14 days
Page view and server join counts let you see how effective Answer Overflow is for driving members to your community
Helpful UsersQuestions Answered
Python Expert 38
Python Expert 38
You're able to see a break down of the most helpful users in your community

Questions Asked

91.67% (110) over the past 14 days

Questions Solved

41.67% (50) over the past 14 days
Keep track of how many questions are going unsolved to understand the health of your help channels

Channel Activity

Answer Overflow provides insights over time for you to understand how your community is evolving

Powerful Analytics

Answer Overflow provides powerful analytics to help you understand how your community is found, view the health of your community, see who the most helpful members are, and more

Three screenshots of different channel types. The channels are text channels, forums, and threads

Works With Any Channel Type

Whether you use forum channels, automatically threaded channels, or plain old text channels Answer Overflow is able to index your content

A screenshot of a Discord message with a green checkmark on it

Organize Conversations

With automatic threading and being able to mark questions as solved, your help channels can be more organized

A screenshot of a Discord message from the Answer Overflow bot with an explanation about giving consent. At the bottom of the message is a button to give consent.

Privacy and Consent

Respecting user privacy is extremely important, which is why users are only able to see messages that people have explicitly shared to be public, or messages from servers that they share with the posters. This makes this project is fully inline with Discord's Policies (learn more)

A screenshot of a deleting a Discord message

Parity With Discord

Delete your message on Discord? It's deleted from our results automatically.

A screenshot from Discord of a user running the /manage_account command. Their options are red buttons to ignore account in server, globally ignore account, and disabling publicly showing messages.

Manage Your Account

Users can manage their account directly from Discord using /manage_account, no sign in to Answer Overflow required.

What's Next?

Answer Overflow is going open source! The goal is to allow server owners to host content on their own domain either through self hosting or via Answer Overflow hosting. This will allow for server owners to utilize all of the features of Answer Overflow without feeling locked into the platform.

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