trpc pipe middleware

Hey all.

I'm currently trying to create a middle ware on endpoints using the new pipe API.

This is on a specific route which is formatted like:

Is it possible to retrieve the dynamic id which is in this URL, in my middleware? I really need to access this for the middleware to be possible to use.

Essentially I need to check if the current user has permission to access this guildId.

const enforceGuildPermissions = enforceUserLoggedIn.unstable_pipe(
  async ({ ctx, next }) => {
    return next({
      ctx: {
        session: { ...ctx.session, user: ctx.session.user },

There unfortunetly doesn't seem to be any req property in the pipe api which could give me router information.
Middlewares can use context, so you can put this data in context first
Thank you! I found a way to do this which was using rawInput prop, but shall give this a read too.