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TurboRepo: Prisma-Kysely Generator

Weirdest thing: It worked before, and all of a sudden it doesn't. I switched to using prisma-client-js and switch it back to prisma-kysely, then it didn't work. Error log: ``` @thing/db:db:generate: [Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/me/WorkDir/RepoName/thing/db/types.ts'] { @thing/db:db:generate: errno: -2,...

crashing event

No description

`look inside` combine image

If I select a message nothing gets generated, I think there is a famous meme template for combine image ? something like a superman?
No description

Error: fetching reddit api

Happened in #👥-random-memes

seem to keep breaking the bot

/meme WeDoALittlePosting returned this:

a not existent subreddit as param results in weird file

using /meme with a non existent subreddit gives a weird file
No description

hanging “thinking” status

Subreddit params: “megaten”
No description

How to configure loading cell in project waitless (Testing AnswerOverflow)

Hey I just order your loading cell kit, and downloaded your mobile app but having difficulty configure it. Can anyone help?