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  • Moving to a modified MIT license

    Posted November 6, 2023

    It's too often that we see open source projects which have their business model around hosting their software as a service get taken advantage of by large companies forking their code. I strongly belive in keeping Answer Overflow open source, but I also want to make sure that we're developing software in a sustainable way that allows us to support ourselves. That's why we're moving to a modified MIT license with the only limitation being not allowing to host Answer Overflow as a service, self-hosting it is still completely allowed.

    Hopefully you understand our decision, if this limits anyone from using the source of Answer Overflow for legitimate reasons, please reach out to us and we'll see what we can do about granting exceptions to the license.

  • Answer Overflow now has a Changelog!

    Posted November 5, 2023

    We've made a changelog! This is it! You're reading it! You're still reading it! Good job!

    All new updates to Answer Overflow will be posted here. We'll also post updates to our Twitter and Discord channels.

    That's about it, I mean you've seen a changelog before, right? It's just a list of changes. You're still reading this? Why? Go find a community and answer some questions

  • Migrated to NextJS App Router

    Posted October 15, 2023

    We've moved Answer Overflow over to the NextJS App Router as part of our focus on improving performance and SEO.

    Already we're seeing improved Page Speed scores and better mobile performance as part of this move.

    Along with these changes, we've reduced our bundle size by lazy loading imports and moving the dashboard to it's own site.

    Curious about how we did it? Answer Overflow is open source so you can check out the code on GitHub

  • Introducing the Answer Overflow Public Platform

    Posted October 1, 2023

    A common piece of feedback we've received is that for non-commercial communities, a pay per page view model does not work and we agree. In order to support both commercial and non-commercial communities, we are introducing a new public platform that is ad supported and offers unlimited page views to all communities.

    In the future, we'll be introducing a revenue share to split ad revenue between Answer Overflow and community owners. We're really excited about this change as it lets more communities get their content indexed.