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Any advice on how to get an openvpn client working via networkmanager? I know they are different, but openconnect worked straightaway. I know my ovpn file is good - that works on a Fedora box that I have running.
ugh - looks like PIA has issues with openssl 3.3.1, and that is where the issue lies. I was able to grab their script to manually build connections on demand from their GH page, so this can be closed - thanks for coming along for the ride with me.

Error 1101/500 in

I can't run
akshara update
akshara update
without it failing to download core.db
We've changed the default mirror to

Missing required signature

Hi, I'm trying BlendOS v4 for the first time and I prefer to go in a VirtualBox instance. Unfortunately, the installation process is stuck during packages download; there are 35 packages that have the error "missing required signature" and pacman tries to download indefinitely. Is there anything that I can do or need to wait for a new iso? Cheers...
you can try redownloading and reflashing the ISO
No description

device did not show up

hello. after installing icewm, xorg, xorg-xinit, noto-fonts and noto-fonts-cjk and then rebooting, i get this error message. ERROR: '/dev/disk/by-label' device did not show up after 30 seconds......
thanks i will.

In Search of Assistance: Please HELP Resolving BlendOS feature v3 with Read and Write

Is there any way to enable manual updates and/or change the read or write mode within the system in blendOS? I know that version 3 does not support manual updates by default and is only in read mode, but I want to see if there is any way to change that.
you really should just update to v4

akshara update hanging

I just added a package to system.yaml and when running akshara update it's now hung for a good half hour after generating locales. Any tips?
journalctl -xeu akshara -f
journalctl -xeu akshara -f
can be used to see more detailed information about what it is doing
No description

is installing with existing /user partition supported in V4

I did try it and the result is this but during install it said error downloading pkgs
could you download the latest ISO from the download page ('Master Build Server') and try that?
No description

4.0 beta --> 4.0 final

If I was running the beta, do I need to reinstall with the final .iso, or will it flip over to the final version?
sudo akshara update

"Press any button to continue"

Hello, i discovered about v4 update and tried to boot it, but it refused to boot from Ventoy(latest version) and threw an error "Press any button to continue"(video attached) My Asus VivoBook specs: Ryzen 7 4700U 16 GB of on-board soldered RAM ...
need to use etcher instead of ventoy

Test post 2

solution totally

Blend OS v4 doesn't boot on bare metal

the new v4 stable ISO doesn't boot on bare metal with systemd throwing an error about a qemu service failing, it doesn't get far enough to generate logs or be able to switch to a TTY (when the latter is attempted, it immediately snaps back to the output of systemd, which just shows the aforementioned qemu error).
@Erathorn Zyltris @game_r/dev🐧 xorg-server wasn't installed xD

Aurora fails to install in v4 beta

Just installed the new v4 iso. Aurora fails to install but F-Droid installed just fine
i don't have the time these days to mess with it so i'm just using scrcpy instead on blend. kind of annoying but it works for the one or two android apps i want to see and control from my desktop

BlendOS mirrors are down. is down. This means "sudo system track" does not work and updates cant be applied. I would like this to be fixed because "system" is one of the core functionalities and I think this would harm the reputation of BlendOS,
v4 is stable, so the image server has been depreceated.

Container installs no package

Hey, I just tried to install a package in an arch container, wont work: $ sudo pacman -S kdenlive error: failed to init transaction (unable to lock database) error: could not lock database: File exists...

v3 backdoor what does that mean

Hey, so my v3 is backdoored as metioned in the announcment, but as I am not a professional linux user what does it mean for the things I did on my system? Could the attacker read my passwords or what is there to actually to fear about this? What would you advice to do now other than set a new system up like f.ex. v4?

AV1 Webm Video stuck or stuttering

Recently I wanted to watch a AV1 Video in 4k, no matter if in mp4 or webm format, it will always stutter or even stuck no matter which player I use. SMplayer only stutters badly while vlc and firefox stuck at some point. I use an Intel Arc 750 and Intel 11400 i5 CPU with 16 gb ram should be enough power. Perhaps you can point me in a direction, may not be blendOS specific but perhaps more wayland or so, thanks in advance

Why is this working now?

Hey Guys, Recently switched from Mint to BlendOS. I am a musician and have hooked up a M-Audio fw1814 Interface connected via VIA:D Firewire Card to my PC. For these cards to control all of their in and output channels you have to use the program ffado. Now on each boot when the pc was not in use for longer, ffado would not run no matter if in pipewire on blendos or pulse audio/Alsa/Jack on mint. The errors always were something like no dbus connection, unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot and now cant reproduce it. Had to reboot then ffado worked like it should. Since yesterday, Jan 5, the issue isn't present at all on Blendos. No matter how long the PC is shut off even if its totally disconnected from power, ffado works at every boot. Now I want to desperately know why this works now, I tried to solve it for years and now it fixed itself somehow....

Error setting up Blend OS v4 Alpha

So I I am attempting to run through the steps that @ム丂イ乇尺ノ丂ズ wrote for setting up Blend and I ran into an error at the final Akshara update. (2/2) Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate... [2024-01-05 06:08:07] WARNING: failed to rate http(s) download ( Download timed out after 5 second(s). Traceback (most recent call last):...

Sandboxed Container

So it looks like all of the containers by default have access to the home folder. is there a way to spin up a container the does not have access to home? like to test suspicious web sites or programs?

How to save the Podman containers Blend v3

So it looks like I some how lost my podman container. Specifically a Syncthing container I created. I presume the layer was deleted after a reboot. I think I missed a step. Is there a way that I can manually create a podman container that can survive a reboot?