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how does defaultGuild interact with user apps?

I can't seem to test user commands with defaultGuild being set, is there a workaround for this?

How do monetization stuffs work?

I'm trying to monetize my bot/app how does this work with kordex?

Can you send an ephemeral response from a public slash command?

```kotlin check { val user = userFor(event)!! val usage = usageService.checkUsage(user.id) event.extraData["usageResponse"] = usage...

My commands aren't updating

I've set the defaultGuild on my bot config, when I restart my bot, the commands aren't updated on my guild so I cannot test them.
then don't use defaultGuild

ConcurrentModificationException errors

So today I finally released by bot to production, which was scary because it meant going from 3 servers to 16k servers... so of course I expected errors. This error is popping up on various places on my bot when accessing stuff from Discord. I'm using: defaultStrategy = EntitySupplyStrategy.cacheWithCachingRestFallback....
@Galarzaa when https://github.com/kordlib/kord/pull/954 is merged, kord 0.15.0-SNAPSHOT should fix the issue
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Sentry DSN not detected

So I was redoing how I start the Sentry extension, to use enableIfDSN instead of doing the null check myself, and I noticed the Sentry extension was failing to initialize, and reverted it and it is still failing. So I don't know if this could have been caused by the latest changes? My bot is unable to start now if a Sentry DSN is set. I put a breakpoint in SentryAdapter.init and I can see that the DSN is available: Then on Sentry.java, line 187, there is a applyOptionsConfiguration function, it takes optionsConfiguration (which still has the settings there) and options, which is empty....
I've pushed, should be up in 10-15 mins, hopefully it works
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Setting sentry's context

So I recently upgraded to the latest snapshot, and I'm trying to migrate this: ```kotlin sentry?.captureException(e) { setContexts(...
See the announcement I just made - I've added two parameters to the capture functions, which should be sufficient

Interactions no longer work after bot restart

Does Kordex support some way to make interactions still work after bot restart, besides using Kord's functions for creating components? More specifically, does Kordex support passing data through button IDs? (we'll likely contribute this functionality if it isn't alread supported)...
You should handle the events

Getting all servers a bot is a part of

We've accidentally left the testing server of our bot, and we dunno its ID... Is there a way to get all servers a bot is in?
presumably kord.guilds

What user/guild specific data is collected by the Sentry extension?

I'm currently in the process of writing up a privacy policy for a bot and just wanted to know what data is sent to Sentry that I'd need to include in it.
Sentry submission data The following sections explain precisely what data Kord Extensions will send to Sentry, assuming you're using the provided default SentryAdapter and not your own custom subtype. Note: Sentry includes a number of options that aid with GDPR (and other privacy law) compliance. It's advisable to look through the settings that Sentry provides, and it's important to anonymise (or delete) Sentry events when the information is no longer needed....

How would I utilize the new InteractionContext type?

I have this code currently: ```kotlin return components { if (references.any() && referencedNotes.isNotEmpty()) { ephemeralStringSelectMenu {...
it should probably be InteractionContext<*, *, *, *> right

Cannot import via gradle

Just setting up a new project. Depen: implementation("com.kotlindiscord.kord.extensions:kord-extensions:1.5.6") repo contains mavenCentral(), gradle is verion 8.2 Error: (Could Not Resolve: URI): https://paste.learnspigot.com/eyakecayet.csharp...
Didnt know that would throw an error ```kt kotlin { jvmToolchain(8) // <- this should be 17...