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Stop the anticheat in specific worlds

I use swm and want to stop the anticheat from being enabled in the lobby


Hi was wondering with this anticheat when players fly with elytras it kicks them? how do i prevent this

GhostAC is easy to bypass

Hi! I've tested GhostAC on meteor, and wurst clients. I have found TONS of bypasses, but I listed the very game-breaking ones in the txt file below. GhostAC is a nice concept, but everyone would appreciate a few improvements.

Stop using Bukkit Events for Ghost AC.

Bukkit events are not worth using for creating anti-cheat. The PlayerMoveEvent for example is called when a movement difference of 0.0626D and can lead to problems dealing with small movements (aka 0.03). You also don't take advantage of the netty threads and take up resources on the main thread running the duty work the anti-cheat must calculate and do. Here are a link of resources of bases which are good for novice anti-cheat plugin developers: https://github.com/sim0n/Nemesis (uses NMS reflection, has great starter checks to expand upon)...

Improve checks

1. There are better ways to handle velocity for the speed check. 2. Holding a bow disables the reach check. 3. Why are the punishment vl so high? 4. Why is there no ground spoof check or any proper speed checks?...
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Check fixes

check if this event is cancelled else it will false KB "detection"
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Anti-KB makes false flags

If you hit someone and behind him is a wall it makes false flags.

Remove Anti-Lag

- An Anti-Cheat has no talk in removing lag. It is simply used to create a system that works against cheats. - Plugins like ClearLagg already does this pretty nicely. - Plugins that remove entities mostly create more lag than the entities themselves. - No one asked for it, people are looking for an anti-cheat plugin....


Timer speed is working

Fly Check makes false Flags

Sprint in the air when you fall.

AimBot False Flag

Youre Aimbot check makes many false Flags.

GhostAC -> Config.yml commands

In the config.yml you don't have to put a / in the beginning.
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Hello everyone. In this forums, you can ask questions or ask for support for errors for the Ghost Anti-Cheat Plugin. To keep the channel clean, we have established some rules: - No meta questions are allowed in this channel. - Do not ask for support for any other plugins. - Always follow the server rules....