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Jesus hack

Sprinting on water while holding space with slow falling causes a trigger for Jesus hacks

N/A Client

What does this mean? I am running forge
No description

Punishment system, and freeze system exclusive to Storm Anti-Cheat, and more.

/storm mute <player> <duration> <reason>. it can be temporary, and permanent, for example the permanent one don't have to put in the time, and only the player, and reason. /storm freeze <player>. You can customize the message, in what it says it chat after the specific player is freezed as a message will say in the actionbar, or in the chat or the main screen, or by default it says in chat: You have been freezed by staff. or something else. Add something additional info in the /storm player command in the information being the player's ping, or having its own command /storm ping <player> so you don't have to do /storm player all the time. /storm warn <player> <reason>, when the player is warned this can be recorded in the additional command like /storm history <player> which shows the punishment history of that specific player, it can be a gui or said in chat, or logged in a file. Storm Anti-Cheat web hook integration, able to customize the messages. logs, the ACs recent punishments, or detected cheats, and staff that used the ban, kick, warn and mute commands, and show additional info: the staff's username, and the player that got banned, mutted, or kicked also the reason of their punishment. this is to prevent abuse of powers....

Storm, False flags

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLP6NOL63sw Sprinting and jumping to get out of water false flags Speed A Sprinting and Jumping at a block to go up can false flag Speed A...


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