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Issues with forward and backlashes

When I start the front-end it throws me an error, I’m using windows OS.
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localhost:3000 showing blank after installing it on my raspberry pi server.

I looked at the docker-compose file that was used and it has the attribute image: Ubuntu. Tried it in Ubuntu and it does work there. So my question is how to make it work for my raspberry pi?? Edit: I just checked I can only access it through localhost but I can't access it on another computer from my local network....
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Error while running the app

This is the error message after few seconds when I do npx nx start, the application runs but thorows this after few seconds only. node:events:492 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^...
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can’t edit a new view

I’m having this issue when I try to add a new view. When I select something the window is closed. Someone can help me?

Get types for twenty

Hi everybody, how do I retrieve the graphql types for twenty by using codegen? I created the following file and ran bun run codegen --verbose, however nothing is created. Any ideas?...
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Import from gmail hanging on ongoing

In UI the https://url_to_twenty/settings/accounts/emails Ongoing symbol has been shown for more than 12 hours. From logs (docker logs twenty-worker-1): [Nest] 34 - 07/12/2024, 10:57:19 AM LOG [MessagingGmailFullMessageListFetchService] Added 57 messages ids from Gmail for messageChannel HIDDEN in workspace HIDDEN and added to cache for import ...

Create entries in GraphQL

Hello all I try to use graphql to read and add objects to Twenty. I succeeded to get data, ie name, id and methodologies for a given "project" :...

Missing favicons

When adding companies most of them get favicons, i.e. get a match in<company>. But some don't. Is there a way to add to the main favicon image repository?

View for custom objects seems to be broken in 0.21.x

After adding a new custom object I'm not able to add new records for the new custom object. Also the table view doesn't show the columns and when selecting "Kanban" in the add view dialog the dialog just closes. If I add the new Invoice custom object as a relation to company, I'm able to add new invoices using the company detail dialog. Everything works fine with 0.20.0...
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Hello guys, anyone have the stack with traefik configured and runnign at portainer?

No inbox tab

How do I enable the Email tab? I read somewhere that the object had to be created manually but I don't remember where and it's not on the docs. The contacts have emails associated to them but there is no inbox tab on the navigation.

v0.20.x+ has broken docker builds

Hi team! Seeing the following on container start: ``` Running database setup and migrations......

Can't change currency on opportunity

Trying to change the currency on an opportunity from USD to GBP but it refuses to change. I've checked my docker compose logs and keep seeing this entry. Could this have something to do with it? Thanks ``` worker-1 | Exception Captured...

problems with gmail fetch, removing/adding account

I was finally able to deploy my portainer twenty. fantastic work guys and thank you very much for putting this together i look forward to using this for a long time! i'm having a bit of a problem with the gmail sync... the account connected successfully, the worker showed to be syncing messages, but on the front end i don't see the email tab and i don't see any contacts. i tried to delete the connected account and re-connect it, but upon clicking 'remove account' i get: request (copied as curl) ```...

Trouble/problems getting 20 to run with docker (self hosted, my machine)

I am trying to get 20 to run from this documentation: I've installed docker (daemon is running) on my machine, but when I run the command from documentation I get this. 🔧 Checking dependencies......

Upgrading 0.2 to 0.21

Hello I upgraded my test server and I get those errors: Anything to do to correct that?...

Stack yaml twenty error 404

Hello guys, I'm trying to teste twenty in my docker swarm with traefik in my cloud server. All services are running but i got 404 in both api.twenty.domain and twenty.domain Could the team have a look into that stack please? I think It could be nice let people access a stack.yaml to deploy directly on portainer. The idea is just with this stack run it! without teh need of use .env or makefile docker....

Error 500 when connecting Gmail

Hi there. I'm getting an issue connecting my gmail. I'm wondering whether this is an .env problem, docker-compose problem, an API library problem, or bug in the application? I'm getting through to the google screens, but when I land back on the app I get an error 500. This is the URL in my browser: http://localhost:3000/auth/google-apis/get-access-token?state=%7B%22transientToken%22:%22eyJredacted.eyJzdWIiOiIzOWMyredactedloM%22%7D&code=4/0redactedw&scope=email%20profile%20
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Integrate Facebook lead into CRM

How to integrate facebook ad leads to crm

New User: Help Setting Up Twenty CRM on AWS Lightsail

Hi there, I'm interested in using Twenty CRM and am trying to set it up on an AWS Lightsail instance. However, I'm fairly new to self-hosting applications and could use some guidance on the process. Could you please point me in the right direction for setting up Twenty CRM on AWS Lightsail? Any specific resources or guides you recommend would be greatly appreciated....