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Error when trying to setup Drizzle ORM

Hello people! I'm trying to following the original BETH Stack tutorial in order to get the basics, but I'm aware a lot changed in the tech used since then, so I'm trying to adapt my code as I go and encounter errors. However, I'm unable to solve an error when running bunx drizzle-kit push:sqlite....

Caching in BETH Stack

How does caching work in the BETH stack? I noticed a beth-cache.sqlite and I'm wondering what it does exactly. Edit: I now see it's for persistent caching. Pretty cool, I'm just wondering... what would be some use cases of this as opposed to using Turso?...

Issues setting up on windows

Environment setup always wrecks me. I cannot get Turso to install, I always get a wsl error:
<3>WSL (8) ERROR: CreateProcessParseCommon:754: getpwuid(0) failed 2 Processing fstab with mount -a failed....

Using React components ?

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to use react components in the BETH stack? For example I would like to use the Autocomplete from "material-ui", do I have to make it from scratch? As BETH stack is using JSX but not React, it seems I have this kind of errors: Type 'Element' is not assignable to type 'ReactNode' Thanks in advance...
it is not possible to use react components unfourtunately

BETH stack tutorial b2b app - session is null for auth when trying to log in

I'm having an issue where the session is null when trying to sign in with google auth. I'm following along with the video but can't find the problem. here's my github repo


I'm going through the BETH stack tutorial in a Linux docker. So far everything's been going well, but I ran into a problem when trying to execute bunx drizzle-kit push:sqlite Does anyone have any suggestions of why this might be happening / how to fix it? ```bash root@b3e1215faf77:/workspaces/TodoListBETH/beth-stack# bunx drizzle-kit push:sqlite...

VSCode extension list BETH

Hello, as a Python developer I am mostly a noob with things like typescript, npm ... For Python I have tons of extensions for things such as auto completion, linting and formatting ... I heard in the first BETH video of Ethan some VSC extensions that have been cited. Is there a place I can find a full list of extensions that could work together for the BETH stack? Currently my VSC is incorrectly underlying a bit everything. I might not be the only one interested in such a list....
There are no official ones, just like the standard web dev stuff: prettier, eslint, etc

Multiple Cron Jobs

```ts export const jobs = (app: Elysia) => app .use(cron({ name: 'job_1', pattern: '*/10 * * * * *',...
For those seeing this in the future, it is a bug, see for potential fix

bun db:push -> server response: 404

Hello, I'm trying to learn the BETH stack but at the beginning when doing "bun db:push" I get a 404 error. I'm really a noob with those technologies, if someone could indicate me if I did an obvious mistake, it would be very helpful! `bun db:push $ bunx drizzle-kit push:sqlite...
Thank you very much, on this server I read the "Websocket 404" issue and it seems to be a bun issue that isn't fixed yet. I decided to run "sudo apt install npm" and it seems to fix the problem!! I'll now continue to enjoy your amazing tutorial....

Form submission issue

Hey, trying to figure out some htmx/form problem. `` <form hx-post={/tierlists/${tierlistId}/grades`}...
are you sure htmx (from script tag) is loaded on your page? it would be responible for stopping the default behavior...

[JSX] Type  Promise<string>  is not assignable to type  AttributeValue | undefined

Hey there 👋 I was trying to follow along the awesome intro to the BETH stack So far I've setup...
No description

BETH stack tutorial non-blocking: `pushToTenantDb` returns exit code of 1

Per the title this bit of code is causing a small problem: ``` onExit(subprocess, exitCode, signalCode, error) { console.log({ exitCode, error }, "hi from tenant index");...

3D animations on scroll with htmx / beth

has anyone tried it ? does it work like normal ?

What do you use for background jobs?

Rails has sidekiq, Elixir/Phoenix has Oban -- any suggestions for the BETH stack?

Has anyone managed to add auto refresh (hmr) on this stack?

I guess hot module reloading doesn't really make sense in this stack per se, but just a way to refresh the browser automatically when the server restarts after a change.
Should automatically run in dev mode with create Beth app

BETH stack tutorial blocked "Sync is not supported in databases opened in file mode."

After creating a Turso db and adding the needed .env variables running bun dev results in the follwing error. ``` $ concurrently "bun run --hot src/main.ts" "bun run uno:dev" "bun run liveReload" [1] $ bunx --bun unocss --watch...

BETH stack tutorial blocked with esbuild and rendering

Super excited to work through this tutorial but I can't get it scaffolded. Problem 1: bun seems to be installing the wrong version of esbuild for my chip. I'm on an M1 Max and get this error when I try to run bun db:push ```You installed esbuild for another platform than the one you're currently using....
No description

(mental) cookie is crumbling

Hey all 👋 I'm following along to the recent YT video and am having some cookie issues when authenticating with Google 🍪 I'm getting into the callback section of the controller fine and then returning unauthorised as my state and state_cookie don't match....

Recommendations for React Native alternative?

Hi! 😄 I am looking to build a mobile app for both android and iOS and I'm looking to use some similar tools like in the BETH stack. Do you have any suggestions for what could be used to achieve this, or do you know any starters that does something like this already?...

htmx and Elysia Websocket message not rendering

Currently im trying to learn htmx with Elysia by creating a chat app using the websocket from Elysia. This is my html code: <body> <div> <form hx-ext="ws" ws-connect="/chatroom" hx-target="#chat_room" ws-send>...