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lavaclient's rc tag is still pointing to 5.0.0-rc.2

as title describes, this causes an issue with dependency resolution in node as @lavaclient/plugin-effects points to lavaclient@"rc" but it's using an older version

not playing

the bot is not playing the song, this is my play.js ```javascript const Discord = require('discord.js'); const config = require('../../config.json'); const { S, getUserData } = require("lavaclient");...

Video returned by YouTube isn't what was requested

Hello lavalink returns this error. Is there a solution?

some problems with queue

i'm struggling with the new version

Some Problems Migrating to v5

Hey all, sorry this is probably a very stupid post, I haven’t touched this in over a year and I learned about Lavalink v4 and Lavaclient v5 being released After getting errors with searches returning 400 errors and whatnot, I decided to migrate my discord bot from Lavalink v3 and Lavaclient v4. I’ve come into many problems with this migration but I had a few I wasn’t sure about and I didn’t find any documentation for migrating. ...

LavalinkHTTPError: Unable to validate JSON response

```LavalinkHTTPError: Unable to validate JSON response at C:\Users\hamit\OneDrive\Belgeler\GitHub\stade-discord-bot-v14\node_modules\lavalink-api-client\dist\endpoint\factory.js:72:19 at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5) ... 3 lines matching cause stack trace ... at async module.exports (C:\Users\hamit\OneDrive\Belgeler\GitHub\stade-discord-bot-v14\src\events\interactions\interactionCreate.js:18:5) {...

loadSearch is not a function

@lavaclient/plugin-lavasearch has esm support but I can't use the loadSearch function : interactionRun: guild.client.music.api.loadSearch is not a function
released 1.0.1


Hello, I encountered this error while migrating to the new version of lavaclient.
TypeError [ERR_HTTP_INVALID_HEADER_VALUE]: Invalid value "undefined" for header "Authorization"
at ClientRequest.setHeader (node:_http_outgoing:655:3)
at new ClientRequest (node:_http_client:286:14)
at request (node:http:101:10)
at initAsClient
TypeError [ERR_HTTP_INVALID_HEADER_VALUE]: Invalid value "undefined" for header "Authorization"
at ClientRequest.setHeader (node:_http_outgoing:655:3)
at new ClientRequest (node:_http_client:286:14)
at request (node:http:101:10)
at initAsClient

Error: Unexpected server response: 200

When using lavaclient via deno's npm support (I was using lavadeno but that isn't updated to lavalink 4) with a lavalink 4 node I get the following error: ``` Error: Error: Unexpected server response: 200 at Connection._onerror (file:///home/blocks/.cache/deno/npm/registry.npmjs.org/lavaclient/4.1.1/dist/lib/node/Connection.js:145:33) at callListener (file:///home/blocks/.cache/deno/npm/registry.npmjs.org/ws/8.16.0/lib/event-target.js:290:14)...

play localfile using lavaclient

I want to ask that is it possible to play localfile using lavaclient (since my bot already integrated lavaclient and adding native discord voice js will make more unnecessary complicates) I already done some research and I think that lavaplayer already supported playing localfile but I am not sure how to use that function though lavaclient Also I want to ask if it possible to play music through buffer...

Search Exception: Unknown file format.

Im using "@lavaclient/spotify" and using this as configuration ```javascript client: { id: process.env.SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID, secret: process.env.SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET,...

Having an issue with my own Pterodactyl Egg but don't know a fix

Im using my own lavalink server and when i try making a request is empty and 404 trying to do myip:2333 im presented with This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback. Thu Dec 28 08:14:22 CET 2023...

Play music from other sources

hello I would like to know if there is a way to play music from other sources that are not in the lavasrc, skybot plugin using lavaclient....

ReferenceError: sendWithDiscordLib is not defined

I am getting this error: ```Uncaught Promise Rejection ReferenceError: sendWithDiscordLib is not defined at Node.sendGatewayPayload (C:\Users\nasee\Desktop\projects\yuki\src\index.js:41:42) at Player.connect (C:\Users\nasee\Desktop\projects\yuki\node_modules\lavaclient\dist\lib\Player.js:49:19) at Object.run (C:\Users\nasee\Desktop\projects\yuki\src\slashCommands\music\play.js:14:10)...

Trying to make a command

can someone tell me how to make a simple autoplay command using lavaclient?

Project Discussion

A thread for discussing #lavaclient & related stufff

Error: Unexpected server response: 404

Hey I have downloaded the newest java to be able to use lavasrc but since then lavaclient isn't working anymore.


Hello. Iam new in lavaclient and I propably dont really undersnatd one of important parts of the lib. What should I do here in nodes? ```typescript const lavaclient = new Cluster({...

nodeTrackStart and nodeQueueFinish is not assignable to parameter of type 'keyof ClusterEvents'.

Hello. Iam developing discord music bot and I have problem with handler.

the bot keeps disconnecting while playing

if I play a song after a while it get skipped or the bot disconnect in the middle of the song, even if there is a queue the bot skips the songs and disconnect !