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Error: Unexpected server response: 404

Hey I have downloaded the newest java to be able to use lavasrc but since then lavaclient isn't working anymore.


Hello. Iam new in lavaclient and I propably dont really undersnatd one of important parts of the lib.

What should I do here in nodes?
const lavaclient = new Cluster({
    nodes: [],
    sendGatewayPayload: (id, payload) => client.guilds.cache.get(id)?.shard?.send(payload),

Someway I figure out that is somehow refers to https://github.com/lavalink-devs/Lavalink but I dont really understad it.

I use NodeJS and TypeScript. This code is part of my lavaclient.ts

nodeTrackStart and nodeQueueFinish is not assignable to parameter of type 'keyof ClusterEvents'.

Hello. Iam developing discord music bot and I have problem with handler.

the bot keeps disconnecting while playing

if I play a song after a while it get skipped or the bot disconnect in the middle of the song, even if there is a queue the bot skips the songs and disconnect !

can you set the volume by default.

when you create player for the first time using /play command for example is there's anyway to set the volume there like if i want it 20%

is it player.connect(member.voice.channel.id, { deafened: true, volume: 20 }); or what?

Difference between pause(false) and resume()

What's the difference between pause(false) and resume()?