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Expected result after deploy? empty yaml-files?

Hi, just a bit curious as how the kubernetes part of the premix is supposed to work. after going through and enabling the services I'am interested in such as sonarr,radarr etc. I ran the "ansible-playbook -i hosts.blarg deploy.yml" and it created the files in my flux repo... but the "configmap-rook-ceph.yaml" and "default-values-rook-ceph.yaml" are completly empty. Is this per design and for me to edit, or should I expect another result? The Cluster seems to be up and running, but some pods are not, and I think one of the reasons could be that i have no persistant storage working, since the rook-ceph has not been deployed, probably due to empty config-files?...
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Private trackers

Hey there! I've been looking at your services for a while and was wondering if having private trackers on an infinite streaming setup/solution would be possible. As my family would like to watch TV shows/Movies that I can't seem to find only public trackers, because of the movies/shows being arabic. What solution do you recommend? My ideal setup would be using a debrid service for direct streaming, and having arrs* for anything that isn't on the debrid service (it being a public or private tracker movie/show)...

Torrentio addon, elfhosted loading slow on stremio

hi there, so I currently have my own torrentio addon on elfhosted for stremio and for some odd reason the add on is taking awhile to load on stremio

PD_Zurg - (Docker) - Not sure how to connect to it via another Docker Instance

I have Plex in Docker, and PD_Zurg in a docker image. However, when I run PD_Zurg, I can't see how to connect it to rclone / fuse outside of the Docker image. I checked for listening Ports in Docker, but couldn't see any port fowarding, and I'm honestly not sure how to continue....

making a service private and not available from the internet?

Hi, gotten my first basic premix up and running, and managed to secure the "" via the forward-auth, so that it was not available to the public on the internet without a username and password. My question is: will all the services in the premix be public if I deploy them? if I spin up a sonarr service will it per default be accessible via the internet? And what would be the easiest way to change this? ...

Zurg not showing up

Hi, zurg is not showing up on my dashboard, nor real-debrid folder in plex 🙈

Dex configuration missing `serve`

Hi, I'm trying to follow the auth with dex path. After launching dex there are 0 replicas and sudo docker service logs dex_dex gives the following in the log ``` | error: cannot lookup path for command serve: exec: "serve": executable file not found in $PATH...

plex / zurg web-dav initial setup questions

just signed up for the zurg/webdav bundle and it's awesome and almost to little no configuration needed, but i have two questions so far: 1) is my plex supposed to be not "Not available outside your network" (remotely accessible, port forwarding number needed) - i am signed directly into . 2) is there a guide on how to fix movies not being correctly identified, shows showing up as movies, i assume there is some filtering to be done to match those?

AllDebrid Plex_Debrid Setup

Here from the plex_debrid server, and testing WebDav AllDebrid, already have all of it setup on my own vm but trying to host now. (Using rclone, not zurg yet)

Unused Disk 0 after creating proxmox vm:s unable to boot

I'm having a problem with deploying the docker swarm using the ansible playbooks in the premix, the playbooks creates the template and the vm:s correctly but when the vm-s startup they have no boot drive to boot from... anyone have any ideas? i had to change the required provider for terraform, since the later versions of proxmox are not compatible with the provider defined in the premix, maybe this is a issue...

XTeve is protected, but the URL needs to be public

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but Xteve is set up as a protected app that requires login to access. The problem is that after you set it up, it gives you a URL to put into plex that is expected to be public, otherwise plex can't find it. I'm confused what to do here. Am I able to make the app public?...

Traefik with containers on different network

I KNOW this has to be a dumb question, but I've been banging my head against the wall for days trying to get this to work. TL;DR, I have traefik running just fine for everything but my instance of adguard home, which I have on a vlan in host mode. When trying to connect to, traefik tells me "no route to host" on the IP (which I have defined in a dynamic configuration, so it knows the exact static IP & port). The reason this is driving me so insane, is I had this working 100% flawlessly, up until my server lost power a few days ago. Now, no matter what I do, I cannot get it to route correctly anymore....

Traefik issues in docker swarm

I have a docker swarm using gkoerks old method running plex, autopirate, hass, traefik. Static DNS via cloudflare. I believe my qnap went through an automatic update to QTS tonight. It has been for the previous 3 years. I suddenly am unable to access my stuff. The containers are running in in container station but I can't access them via dns or via static server ports....

Interesting git problem

fatal: not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /share)
Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).
fatal: not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /share)
Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).
Trying to pull down the repository but git is having a hard time...

NAS Storage Disks: What to pick?

I was searching about building a server with TrueNAS for centralized storage on volumes to my docker swarm cluster, but it's my first time doing something like this and i'm a bit confused with what type of disk i should pick... I really want to prioritize performance over space or redundancy, so i thought about the NVMe one, but my researches always shows everyone using HDD's on the NAS over NVMe (not even SATA SSD's for some reason...), so i don't really understand if there's a singular reason, if i'm thinking wrong, or what should i really pick at all :')...
Brazilian store with disks options


it doesnt seem to start and i see an error
No description


502 Bad Gateway The server received an invalid response from the upstream server...

Enabling AnswerOverflow

Just a test topic to trial AnswerOverflow

how to reinstall an instance

hey there, i've bought a syncthing instance, but mistakenly added username and password to the gui. this has broken the instance and i wanted to ask you how could i reinstall it clean without my settings. i tried editing the config.xml but i don't know how to restart the application without accessing the syncthing web gui. thank you!

dex deploy - array items must be unique?

Hi there @Darth-Penguini and friends! I'm encountering a strange error when attempting to deploy dex, after following instructions here: ...